A bit about us...

Oilwise source, stock and supply, premium quality branded oils and lubricants to all types of business and private end users. Our technical director has spent 25 years in the industry, working for Shell, BP Castrol and Fuchs Lubricants, selling lubricants in both industrial and commercial automotive sectors. Our managing director also successfully runs a bearings and transmissions supply business called Bearing Source Ltd. We are able to use our application knowledge to provide expert advice on all aspects of lubrication, often resulting in cost savings to the end user. It is important we help our customers use the right oil or lubricant for the application intended.
Anyone can sell you oil!

The questions are:

Who manufactured it?

Is the supplier or manufacturer insured and indemnified?

Is the oil or lubricant suitable for the application?

A quality oil or lubricant will come from a manufacturer who can provide full traceability, does yours?